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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Moving Forward - VGMC Premier Dubai

August 1st, 2011

Dear Shareholders

Virgin Gold Mining Corporation has been progressing very well this year as a result of the hard work and great efforts of our management team, partners and the contribution from our global shareholders. Since our shareholders base grew to many continents across all borders, a few months ago management decided to set up an Investor Relations Office in Dubai.

I am proud to announce that this has become a reality this month. With the blessing of our Board of Directors, we have decided to operate our Dubai office as a “VGMC Premier” service center. As the name suggests, this office will focus on servicing, supporting and answering enquiries from our “Premier Shareholders”. Premier Shareholders are VGMC shareholders who have subscribed up to 100,000 Convertible Preferred Shares (CPS), accumulatively. Premier Shareholders may make an appointment with our Investor Relation Officers, call them and speak to them regarding any arising issues.

VGMC Premier Dubai will start operations by the month of August 2011. This office is situated in the most prestige Commercial Business District (CBD) office building in Dubai, along the famous Sheikh Zayed Road. The opening of this office is a new landmark for VGMC as it has strengthened our corporate mission of providing the best available service to our global shareholders.

VGMC management hereby congratulates all qualified shareholders who have earned an all-expense paid trip to visit our Premier office in Dubai. Details will be sent to you through email and online ticket. Most of the Middle East and Dubai will be observing Ramadan (fasting month for the Muslims) which falls in the month of August this year. Therefore, most shareholders will be scheduled to travel in September 2011 with only a few exceptions. VGMC management hereby wishes a “Happy Ramadan and Eid Al- Fitr” to all our Muslim shareholders.

I would also like to take this opportunity to announce that I will be retiring this month after leading VGMC for the past 12 years. My task, my mission and vision have all become a reality and it is time for this corporation to move forward with a new leader. The Board of Directors has approved my successor from within this organization. He has been a very capable team player and his vision and dedication is the main reason why VGMC has been able to offer CPS to global shareholders since 2010. I will allow the Chairman of the Board to make the announcement, but I can assure you that he is the perfect candidate to lead VGMC forward. He will transform VGMC from a medium- size gold mining stock holding corporation into a public listed Financial Holding Corporation specializing in Gold & other high value natural resources.

After retiring as the CEO, I will take a seat on the Board of Directors. So, rest assured that VGMC’s future will be very smooth, exciting and promising. To all shareholders and our partners, my final words are, “It’s going to be a Great Ride!”

Thank you. It has truly been a great pleasure working with everyone at VGMC and outside the loop.

Johann Hansen
Virgin Gold Mining Corporation

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